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  • Meg Shulmister

    Meg Shulmister

    BootCamp grad writing about React, design, junior dev life, and making code girly.

  • Felipe Miranda

    Felipe Miranda

  • André Minelli

    André Minelli

    Partner and techlead at Take.

  • Lucas Mundim

    Lucas Mundim

    (Back-end) developer; software architect; Passionate about development good practices; Gamer at heart

  • Adolfo Melo

    Adolfo Melo

    Product Design / Chatbots

  • Thomas Guibert

    Thomas Guibert

    Hey! I’m Thomas, a french guy living in Stockholm. Fullstack JavaScript developer, I write about programming and developer’s lifestyle.

  • Simon Høiberg

    Simon Høiberg

    Software Engineer & Starter

  • Paige Niedringhaus

    Paige Niedringhaus

    Staff Software Engineer, previously a digital marketer. Frontend dev is my focus, but always up for learning new things. Say hi: www.paigeniedringhaus.com

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