Setting Prettier on a React Typescript project (2021)


Prettier helps to maintain the code within some formatting rules like indentation, double or single quotes when using string, etc.

On this tutorial, I will show you how to setup and run over a React Typescript project.

So, let’s start!


Note: You need Node version >= 10 installed. So, if you don’t have it, please go to nodejs website, download and install it on your local machine. (

Step 1: Create a React Project with Typescript

The following command will create a project inside a folder my-app.

On terminal:

Step 2: Install Prettier package

Inside the project directory, open a terminal.

On terminal, run:

Step 3: ‘prettierrc.json’ file

Create a .prettierrc.json’ file and add some prettier rules:


Step 4: ‘.prettierignore’ file

Create a ‘.prettierignore ‘ file and add the follow:

Step 5: Running Prettier

Inside the project directory, open a terminal.

To run Prettier and format the code, just run:

Step 5.1: Let’s Run!

On the project that we create, let’s run prettier over the file App.tsx.

Cool, right?

Note: To run Prettier over all files in the project, just run the follow command:


So, with these configurations you will improve your code formatting in your ReactJS with Typescript projects. Hope you enjoy! :)

VS Code: execute Prettier with auto-fix in a file when save

WARNING: if you intend to use Prettier together with some Linter (like ESLint), I would not recommend to go through this step and setup the auto-fix using just the Prettier rules when save, BUT using both Prettier and the Linter rules. Here there is an example of setting up auto-fix when saving a file using Prettier + ESLint rules.

As a plus, I will show you how to configure auto-fix on VS Code, but is an optional step, if you want to run prettier with auto-fix every time you save your code.

  • Create a ‘.vscode’ folder on the root of the project
  • Create a ‘settings.json’ file inside .vscode/ folder and insert the follow code on it:
  • Install Prettier VSCode extension (so you can run it using some shortcuts, etc)

You can go to ‘Extensions’ section and install it manually

Or launch VS Code Quick Open (Ctrl+P) AND Run the following command:

Done! Now every file saved will be formatted within the Prettier formatting rules.


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